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 Welcome  and thank you for stopping. I am pleased to present my price list here, Worldwide Delights .

Delights includes 20,000+ nice complete sets & single values and also features:

    Over 12,000 stamp scans
    Good prices and discounts
    Issue descriptions
    Convenient shopping cart
    No minimum order

Enjoy the hobby . . .

If just one stamp or as many as one hundred, I hope you can find something useful for your collection today.

Your visit is always welcome

O n l i n e

I am online virtually everyday.

 Online Virtually Everyday Your comments, orders, questions and suggestions are always welcome. I promptly answer them all. It would be nice to hear from you today.


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P r i c e   L i s t
C o u n t r y   L i s t i n g  &  I n d e x

Worldwide Delights features interesting selections from a variety of countries.

 Selected Countries
Algeria  Andorra  Angola  Argentina Australia  Austria  &  More
-  -  -
Bahamas  Belgian Congo
Belgium  Bermuda  Brazil  &  More

-  -  -
Canada  Chile  Christmas Island
Comoros Islands  Cuba  Cyprus Czechoslovakia  &  More

-  -  -
Dahomey  Denmark  Dominica
Ecuador  Egypt  &  More

-  -  -
Falkland Isl  Faroe Isl  Fiji
Finland  France  French Morocco
Fr Polynesia  FSAT  &  More

-  -  -
Germany  German DDR
Gibraltar  Great Britain  Greece
Greenland  Grenada  &  More

-  -  -
Haiti  Hungary  Iceland  Ireland
Israel  Italy  Ivory Coast  &  More

-  -  -
Jamaica  Japan  Korea  &  More
-  -  -
Liechtenstein  Luxembourg  More
-  -  -
Macao  Malagasy  Malta  Mexico
Monaco  Morocco  &  More

-  -  -
Netherlands  Netherlands Antilles
New Zealand  Norway  &  More

-  -  -
Philippines  Poland  Portugal
Reunion  Russia  Ryukyu  &  More

-  -  -
Saar  St Pierre  San Marino
South Africa  SW Africa  Surinam
Sweden  Switzerland  &  More

-  -  -
Timor  Togo  Tokelau Isl
Tristan da Cunha  Tunisia  Turkey
United Nations  USA  &  More

-  -  -
Vatican City  Venezuela
Virgin Islands  Wallis-Futuna
Yugoslavia  &  More

-  -  -
Topicals:   Christmas   Flora
Sports   Coat-of-Arms   Europa
Scouting   Transportation   Fauna
Stamp-on-Stamp   Humanities  
Maps-Globes   U.P.U.

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W e b   L i n k s

I would also like to take this opportunity to suggest a few philatelic web sites I have found useful:
 Link Suggestions

 ♦   R e s o u r c e s

There are many excellent and free philatelic resources available on the Internet today and happily the number just keeps growing.

I would like to suggest four I have found helpful:

     Smithsonian Postal Museum
     Stamp Boards
     Virtual Stamp Club
     Philatelic Database

There is overlap, of course, but each offers its own style and extra content to make them worthwhile.

They are all worth a look.

 ♦   W e b   L o g s

Web logs, also called blogs, have become entertaining and worthwhile tools for virtually all interests.

Stamp collecting has its share and many provide a steady stream of information, pictures, news and stories.

A few good examples include:

    Filling Spaces
    Stamp Collecting Blog
    International Stamp News

There are many blogs online so you should find something of interest.

 ♦   E x h i b i t i o n s

Stamp exhibitions and bourses are worthwhile events. They can be entertaining as well as rewarding.

Hundreds of shows are held every year but finding them is not always easy.

Fortunately to help with a search is Stamp Shows Worldwide.  SSW features a large, well organized listing of philatelic events.

This is a handy & useful site to find the shows scheduled in your area.

Also, there are virtual exhibitions on the Internet.  A good example is EXPONet.

EXPONet offers a growing collection of quality exhibits in a variety of philatelic areas.

There is plenty to see and enjoy here.

 ♦   O r g a n i z a t i o n s

A membership in a stamp club or society can enhance & enrich the hobby experience.

Interested?  Here are a few suggestions:

    American Philatelic Society
    American Topical Association
    Intl Society Worldwide Collectors

You might be surprised to find the variety of worthwhile benefits, programs and other resources so many provide.

Find an interesting one?  Be sure to

 Join a Stamp Club or Group

T H A N K   Y O U   F O R   S H O P P I N G   D E L I G H T S   !

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